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Mazda6 GH 2009 Central Locking won't lock?

Forum 6 GH Mazda6 GH 2009 Central Locking won't lock?

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2009 6 GH 2.2 (133 cui)

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Performance 136 kW (185 PS) at 3500 rpm. Torque 400 Nm (295 ft/lb) at 3000 rpm. Fuel diesel. 6-speed Manual transmission. Engine 2 184 ccm (133 cui), 4-cylinder, In-Line, 16-valves, MZR-CD.

2016-04-19 05:24:19

I have a Mazda 6 GH 2009 mzr-cd and I have a problem with the Central Locking and the remote keys. I'm hoping someone else has maybe been through this and solved what hopefully is an easily fixed problem?


When using the drivers door keyhole the key will unlock the car but it doesnt lock up.

All the doors remain unlocked after i lock the drivers door.

The rear hatch locks but all the other doors won't lock up. I need to physically flick the door latch inside the car to lock all the passenger doors.

The remote key button don't work at all, I replaced the batteries in both keys. They light up now but nothing else happens. The keys and the car don't talk.

I've tried to do the reset thing with 3x ignition on / off and doors 3x time open/close but nothing either.

The car will not lock which is a worry when parking in public if I forget to manually lock it which has happened.

can anyone help?