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MPV control unit clone possible?

Forum MPV II LW MPV control unit clone possible?

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2016-11-08 15:38:15

No pre-excitation current occurred in our alternator. According to the circuit diagram, which I have found here, this comes from the control unit.

We have therefore assumed that - for whatever reason the control unit is defective. Fortunately, we found a similar vehicle nearby, from which we could expand the control unit for little money. However, our MPV does not jump, because the immobilizer is also stored in the control unit.

Now we want to let the old control unit clone.

Our Mazdahändler has now offered us an appointment in 2 weeks (!) And explained that in 90% of all cases because of the immobilizer would not work. We would then have to buy a new ECU and a new immobilizer with him (!)

This statement is incomprehensible to me. Why is this not possible?

The accident vehicle is still there - from which parts is the immobilizer, what would we have to expand in case of emergency still from the accident vehicle?

To my knowledge, the immobilizer consists of control unit, transponder at the ignition lock and transponder at the ignition key. Are there any other parts?